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BRÜUN Body Sculpting 6 in 1 Cavitation Machine with lipo laser Bruun Beauty

Cavitation Machine 💕





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If you looking for instant Fat Reduction Without Any Side Effects, You Must Try This Lipo Cavitation RF Lipo Laser!

As we all know, the fat is stored in special cells, and This Lipo Cavitation RF Lipo Laser adopts the latest low frequency wave of ultrasound cavitation 2.0 technology- unoisetion to lypolysis the fat cells into smapp particles, and then metabolism it into a liquid aftr focus on and destroy the fat cells in the target area. 


Experience the innovative Bruun's 6 in 1 40K Cavitation Machine, a comprehensive solution designed for targeted body sculpting and enhanced contouring.

This advanced device is not just any 6 in 1 cavitation machine; it's the perfect amalgamation of technology and efficiency.



Remove cellulite, body contouring, and fat 


⭐ Llift buttock contour and elasticity.

⭐ Belly fat loss, love handle fat reduce.

⭐ Tighten arms, remove bat wings arms.

⭐ Lift facial contour, removal wrinkle.

⭐ Lift eyes sagging & contour, remove eye bag dark.

take advantage from our unique product

40KHZ Cavitation Handle

3D Vacuum Head + RF

5MW Lipo Laser Pads

4 Polar RF Head

6 Polar RF Head

3 Polar RF Head


For Whole Body Use

40KHZ Cavitation Handle

Ultrasound waves penetrate into the fat layer of body to produce cavitation effect, effectively making fat cells burst and emulsify into glyceride, cellulite reduction by normal excretion of excess fat from the body.

For Whole Body Use

3D Vacuum Head + RF

When the vacuum open the gap between the cells, RF can heat up the fat at the same time, which can accelerate the blood circulation in the fat accumulative zone, then speed up burning the fat.

For Body & Arm

5MW Lipo Laser Pads

Lipo Laser wavelength 635nm ~ 650nm, easier to be absorbed by cells, promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, disintegration of fat, so as to achieve the purpose of slimming, large light pads + small light ads, to meet the needs of the whole body slimming

For Abdomen

6 Polar RF Head

Radio frequency can vibrate 1 million times high -frequency radio wave per second, penetrate to the epidermis layer, directly to the dermis, deeply heating the collagen cells, then stimulate the growth of collagen fibers.

For Leg & Arm

4 Polar RF Head

Designed for arms & legs, to offer a better experience for those body areas

For Facial

3 Polar RF Head

Specially designed for the face, it can treat the face more precisely and without damaging the skin, achieving better facial tightening and collagen growth effect.

How does it work?

Safe, minimally-invasive procedure, it uses low levels of visible lipo laser to create a safe and painless stimulation, it is safe, effective and immediately demonstrable. Easy to operate. Treatments are passive and require only the correct positioning of treatment pads, it will not compromise office staff time or productivity, won’t effect life and work after treatment, fast healing time. Treat all skin types, treat most parts of body such as neck, breasts, back, belly, waist, bottom, and arms. Meanwhile, then the high frequency RF, vacuum, and the lipo laser therapy also help improves the elasticity of the skin in order to help body sculpting/shaping.

Machine Functionality

  • Help You Save Time & Money

  • Radio frequency skin tightening

  • Slimming body sculpture

  • Bright Shinning eyes

  • White Skin whitening

  • Tighten Shrink pores

  • Lifting shap contours

  • Professional ultrasonic cavitation machine

  • 40k cavitation machine

  • Ultrasound waves penetrate into the fat layer of body to produce cavitation effect, effectively making fat cell burst and emulsify into glyceride.

  • This will help burn any fatty acids and glucose in the body.

  • Although you can have up to 12 sessions, most customers will do anything between 8 and 12 before reaching the desired result.

Package  includes

Package Include

Host x1

40KHz Cavitation Handle x1

Vacuum & Bipolar RF Handle with photon x1

4 Polar RF Handle Handle with photon x1

6 Polar RF Handle with photon x1

3 Polar RF Handle with photon x1

Small LED pads x 2

Big LED pads x 6

Power Cord (100V & 240V) x1

Frequency: 50/60Hz

      About Machine


Wide Application & Great Gift - Suitable for most parts of the body, such as face, arms, legs, thighs, buttocks, waist, back, abdominal. Suitable for home, SPA and beauty salon. Perfect gift for those who pursue beauty.

Safe And Efficient - Provides a comfortable fat reduction experience. No side effects and don't take time to recovery, it won't effect your daily life and work.

Less ultrasonic noise - Equipped with new cavitation technology to deliver a treatment that’s up to 3 times quieter.

Easy To Operate - This 6in1 Body sculpting machine adopts latest system.You can easily find all parameter information on the screen and adjust strength to meet your needs for different body parts.Better use with the gel or serum.

Faster body slimming results - Unoisetion takes fullest advantage of energy to make the reduction of fat tissue more effective.

Warranty - The quality is guaranteed, safe to use.We provide quality and money-back guarantee to ensure that you can buy with confidence.

Operational Tips

Always cleanse the skin and remove any metal jewelry prior to treatment.

It is necessary to apply gel or essence as the medium on the areas to be treated.

Whenbeginningtouse,startwithlow-energy.It’sadvisabletotest fortheproperenergylevelonthebackoftheclients'handsbefore usingitontheirbody.

When beginning to use, start with low-energy. It’s advisable to test for the proper energy level on the back of the clients' hands before using it on their body.

During operation, start pulling only after negative pressure head is attached to skin.

Each treatment lasts 30 to 50 minutes, and we recommend every 72 hours to allow enough time for the fat to be completely removed from the body. Most customers will do between 8 and 12 sessions before reaching the desired result.

Avoid staying too long in one place. Avoid using on bony areas.

After using the machine continuously for 1 hour, please let the machine rest for about 10 ~15 minutes.

There will be some cases when there appears tinnitus when using the burst fat probe. This phenomenon is a normal.

Do not use disinfection products to clean probes, it is recommended to use a wet towel or cotton.

It is helpful and in most cases necessary to refer to the detailed instructions manual, which is provided with your machine. 

Package Listing

1 x Lipo Cavitation RF Lipo Laser Main Machine

1 x 40KHz Unoisetion Cavitation Handle

1 x Vacuum Biploar SMART 3D RF Handle

1 x Three pole SMART 3D RF Handle for Face and Eye Around

1 x Quadrupole SMART 3D RF Handle for Face and Body

1 x Multipolar SMART 3D RF Handle for Body

6 x Big Lipo Laser Paddles

2 x Small Lipo Laser Paddles

1 x Power Supply Cord 2 x Fuse

1 x Holder 6 x White Seal Ring

1 x Cotton Filter

1 x Long Bandage

2 x Medium Bandage

2 x Short Bandage


Power supply Input: 100V-240V

Power: 190W

40K Cavitation Handle

Frequency: 40KHz

Power: 20W

Sextupolar 3D RF Handle for Body 

Freqeuncy: 1MHz

Power:50W Quadrupole 3D RF Handle for Face and Body -------

Freqeuncy: 1MHz

Power: 50W

Three pole 3D RF Handle for face

Freqeuncy: 1MHz

Power: 30W

Vacuum Biploar 3D RF Handle

Freqeuncy: 1MHz

Power: 10W

Vacuum: <-80kPa

Pressure: >250kPa

Air flow: >10L/minute

Noise level: <70dB (30cm away)

Lipo laser pandle

Light wavelenth: 635nm ~650nm

Power of each light: 5mw

Energy output: 64 x 5mW =320mw ( 6 big pads *10 light/each+2 small pads * 2 light/each)

Main Cavitation Machine

Mains power output: 100VA

Dimensions: 26*24*33 CM

Net Weight: 7.45 kg

Gross Weight: 8.15 kg

Input Power: AC 110V/220V 50/60Hz

Display: Finger click Screen

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