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JELLY MASK 3 Treatment Kit

These Skin care face masks are provided in the form of Powder which takes its form of Jelly mask upon addition of purified water


It creates an occlusive layer, forcing hydration and pushing all beneficial nutrients deeply into the skin which increases procedure effectiveness
It covers your whole face without neglecting any small part of your skin such as eye and lips unlike other rubber masks.


How to use

🔹 Remove makeup and thoroughly clean face and neck
🔹 Preparation of the gel face mask
a) In a bowl, put the mask powder and water. Use the 4:3 Ratio
b) Mix gently with a spatula until the powder of the mask becomes gooey.
c) Adjust the amount of water to obtain the desired elasticity
🔹 Apply the rubber mask evenly to the face with a spatula.
🔹 Wait 20 Minutes and gently peel mask from the bottom up.
🔹 Once applied absorption can be stimulated by cryo-stick massage or facial massager
(It is recommended from 7 min of Placed)
🔹 Masks are not reusable. They are made in a single dose format, so even if it is wet, it is not to be used a second time. Discard it at the end of the session


These Products are not intended to replace qualified medical diagnosis or treatment, nor they intended to cure any disease. Modeling masks or rubber masks are the signature step in luxury Korean facials. The ultimate secret to long lasting, hydrated, & glowing skin. Professional Grade & Esthetician approved. 

The masks themselves are a delight to the facial cleansing experience. Our Jelly masks can go over the eyes and lips, amplifying the benefits for your entire face. The mask causes no damage to your brows or lashes, and can be used immediately after a lash or brow tinting without affecting the color.

As soon as the mask is applied by your esthetician, you immediately feel it's cooling properties and smell it's flowery aroma after the mask is removed. A warm towel compress completes the experience and removes any excess material and dust and pollution from your face, leaving your skin hydrated, plump, and moisturized.

These masks can be added to any Signature Facial and are also perfect as a waxing after-care treatment. Any redness after brows, legs, underarms, etc can all be reduced by adding the intensive aftercare mask to your treatment.

🔶 Paraben Free

🔶 No Mineral Oil

🔶 Cruelty Free

🔶 Not tested on animals

  • Jelly Mask 3 Kit Hydro Rubber Face Mask Peel-Off

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