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Led Face Mask Light Therapy LED-MASK-PRO Avery Rose Beauty
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Enjoy the benefits of Korean light therapy in this at-home LED face mask treatment. Korean PDT technology rejuvenates skin and stimulates regeneration to decrease the signs of aging while stimulating collagen production to give your skin a bright, plump glow.

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Enjoy the benefits of Korean light therapy in this at-home LED Face Mask

Promote Circulation

Your skin metabolism decreases as you age just like your digestive metabolism does. Refresh your skin metabolism by triggering blood flow, circulation and nerve stimulation through gentle LED light therapy. Increase the elasticity of your skin through nerve stimulation while collagen production helps skin appear younger and more supple.

Photoreceptor Activation

Activating the photoreceptors in your skin cells promotes regeneration and creates a youthful glow. Decrease the appearance of blemishes and hyperpigmentation to give your skin a smooth, youthful appearance free of discoloration and irritation. Each session on the LED light therapy mask has a different purpose and tackles different skin needs.

Make Your Own Natural Beauty

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of 

How it works

  • Clean & dry your face before starting an LED light therapy session using the Bruun LED face mask.

  • Plug in the USB cord and put on the mask. Make sure your face is dry before putting the mask on.

  • Turn the mask on using the remote control.

  • Choose the color based on the desired effects. Read more below for the benefits and uses associated with each color.

  • Set the treatment time using the +/- buttons. We recommend 10-20 minutes per session every 2-3 days. Avoid overuse to prevent irritation.

  • Use one type of light per session to avoid overstimulating your skin. Give your skin time between each session to rest and recover.

  • Hydrate and moisturize after each use. Avoid additional active ingredients like Retinol or Salicylic acid to prevent irritation. You will start to see results after 3-6 weeks of regular use.

Why You'll Love It

Each color programmed into the LED face mask correlates with a different treatment. Use your desired treatment to target different problem areas in the skin, whether your concern be aging or acne control.

Skin regeneration

LED light therapy is a proven and popular Korean beauty treatment that aims to regenerate your skin through gentle light therapy. This prevents irritation and boosts your skin’s production of collagen to smooth fine lines and prevent signs of aging before they appear. 

Targeted treatments

Customizable treatments mean that you can target problem areas of your skin by choosing the light therapy treatment that works for you.

Color Therapy Options:

The Bruun LED light therapy mask offers three treatments based on your skincare needs. Address each skin concern with the different light therapy treatments, which are listed below.

Red light - skin rejuvenation mode

Red light treats signs of aging by boosting collagen production for regenerative purposes. Skin will feel and appear tighter and more plump with regular use.

630-680 NM

Blue light - acne fighting mode

Blue light treats inflamed skin while killing bacteria that can cause acne breakouts. This light mode is designed to both treat existing acne irritation and scarring while preventing new breakouts from occurring

420-460 NM

Yellow light - soothing repair mode

Yellow light treats skin discoloration and dark spots by repairing skin elasticity and color. Use this mode to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, and pair it with regular SPF use to prevent new hyperpigmentation from appearing.

590 NM

Steps To Success

Whether in the morning or the night, we want your radiant skin goals realized. That is why we have seven steps to ensure your success. We can't wait to see your results.
  • STEP #1: Gently wash your face and pat dry with a towel

  • STEP #2: Install the included belt so that mask stays affixed to face
  • STEP #3: Connect the USB cable to mask
  • STEP #4: Press the Power Switch to turn on controller, then ON/OFF button to turn on lights
  • STEP #5: Press Color button to switch colors
  • STEP #6: Press Energy -/+ to switch levels 1-5
  • STEP #7: Press Time button to adjust 5-60min.

The Secret Behind the Perfect Skin

Even skin tone and brighter
Balanced skin clean of oil
hydrated and moisturized

Here's Why it's The Best Led Face Mask


Our Mask is designed for facial beautification. The mask activates photoreceptors in skin cells, so skin elastin can revitalize, restore and beautify your complexion.


Decongestant and ideal to calm, reduce
pores, soften and hydrate your skin.
Reduces bags, dark circles and redness.


Its antiseptic properties deeply cleanse
and regenerate the skin, ideal for
removing wrinkles and fighting acne.

Easy Treatment, Clinical Results

Oil Control Lighten Acne
Freckle Removal and Brightening
Shrink Pores and Smooth Skin
Anti-agning Remove Wrinkles
Our Jelly Mask Collection

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