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Mini 5L Beauty Fridge for Beauty Products + Cryo Ice Globes for Facial (Set of 2) (Silver)

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Each Brüun Beauty product is formulated using the best and most luxurious and beneficial ingredients.

The purity and efficacy of our natural skin care products free of parabens help to nurture your skin health.

We are against any kind of cruelty towards animals. We don’t believe in testing our products on animals.

Product Description

Why our ice globes?
These facial ice globes are made exactly for you. Steel rollers are designed keeping in view all the needs and complications of skin care to give maximum comfort according to your need. Achieve glowing, shining skin with just a few minutes of soothing face massage with these steel ice globes. Our rollers are made in Silver color.
Magic ice rollers stimulate blood circulation and oxygenate skin. This chilled massage set treats sinus pain, puffy eyes or migraines. Cryo massage with facial ice rollers eliminates redness and calms skin after waxing. Provides a cool finishing touch at the end of each facial treatment.
Usage guide:
It is very easy to use ice globes for facial massage. Put steel ball rollers in freezer or ice bowl for few minutes to make them cold. Just wash your face and you are all set to have relaxing therapy and have fresh skin.
Storage guide:
Clean your steel Ice Globes and store them in the freezer, ice box, ice bowl or cool water. Provides a cool finishing touch at the end of each facial treatment.
Beauty Fridge:
5L Mini Skin Care Fridge for Makeup and Cosmetic 50 W Beauty Fridge which can be used with AC 100-240V. Please keep 10 cm distance around the Compact beauty fridge for proper function

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