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Jelly Mask Egyptian Rose Rubber Face Mask Peel-Off Jar Jar-EgypRose Bruun Beauty

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Get confident & glowy skin using Bruun Jelly Masks. They're practical, effective & trusted by over 12,300 clear & confident faces. Try it yourself and find out why they're loving it 👇







What’s Inside

Our Jelly Mask Egyptian Rose Rubber Face Mask Peel-Off Jar includes:

☑️ 23oz Egyptian Rose Jelly Mask Jar  

☑️Collapsible Bowl  ☑️Spatula  ☑️Spoon  ☑️Hairband

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Find out why over 12,300 people are in love with our Jelly Masks 👉

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$59.00$38.00 Save 36% 
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Having a soft, bright and radiant skin is possible with Brüun Jelly Masks! Keep reading and learn why people love them

Jelly Masks provide you with a delightful experience when it comes to facials. As they contain more alginate than regular rubber masks, they have a jelly-like texture, which provides full hydration and a natural cooling effect all at once.

Our masks can cover eyelids, brows and lips without causing any damage, which means more benefits to your complexion. They can even be applied right after lash or eyebrow tinting without affecting the color.

Want more benefits? Not only can they be used for face care, but they are also an excellent option to treat and reduce redness on any part of your skin- like legs, armpits, etc.

As soon as you apply the mask, you’ll begin to feel its refreshing effect and its delicate flower scent. After removing it, complete the experience with a warm compress and remove any trace of the product from your skin, leaving a hydrated and even skin.

These powder face masks for skin care are mixed with purified water to get the perfect consistency to be applied on the skin with ease.

Steps For A Glowing & Radiant Skin

Preparation: Remove make-up and clean face and neck. 
(It’s recommended to perform a double cleansing.)
In a bowl, add one Scoop of jelly powder into a bowl 
Add 1 ½ Spoonful of water
Mix with a spatula until the mixture becomes gooey.
Apply the mask evenly with a spatula. It can cover eyelids, brows and lips.
Let it on for 15 minutes
Remove from top to bottom.
Apply serum or moisturizer

Why You'll Love It

Our Jelly Masks offer carefully selected vitamins, minerals and nutrients. They remove dead skin cells, permeate the skin to allow deep hydration and soothe skin irritation. It's time for your skin to gain the relief it so desperately needs!


They deeply clean and disinfect the pores, eliminating acne-causing bacteria without harming the skin's natural microbiome, making your skin more permeable and facilitating the absorption of nutrients.

Protects your skin

Full of minerals and nutrients, the jelly mask fights free radicals and external damages to help you keep a balanced and healthy skin.

Smoothing and moisturizing

Super hydrating! These peel-off face masks stick to your skin so it can absorb all their benefits, while they deeply nourish and hydrate it. 

What it Targets:

Egyptian Rose

Ideal for anti-aging treatments or to treat acne.

Leaves skin soft, reducing pores while hydrating

Anti-aging, rich in antioxidants

Rich in hyaluronic acid, this mask is ideal for mature, dull skin.


Soothing and softens the skin. 

Antiseptic and anti-bacterial

Ideal to treat acne and reduces open pores.

The Secret Behind the Perfect Skin

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Jelly Mask Egyptian Rose Rubber Face Mask Peel-Off Jar Jar-EgypRose Bruun Beauty Jelly Mask Egyptian Rose Rubber Face Mask Peel-Off Jar Jar-EgypRose Bruun Beauty
$59.00$38.00 Save 36% 

Jelly Mask  Kit

The perfect kit for your skin. Includes:

☑️ 23oz Egyptian Rose Jelly Mask Jar  

☑️ Collapsible Bowl 

☑️ Spatula 

☑️ Spoon 

☑️ Hairband


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Egyptian Rose

Diatomaceous earth, Glucose, Maltodextrin, Hyaluronic acid, Rosa rugosa flower extract, Algin, Pectin, Rose petal, Calcium sulfate, Trehalose. 


What is Hydrolyzed corn starch?
Hydrolyzed corn starch is, in simple terms, addition of a water molecule in starch’s structural group using acid/enzyme/ other methods. Maize kernels are the raw material for producing corn starch. Corn contains Vitamin B complex, phosphorus, Vitamin A, Manganese, and several other antioxidants including phenolics and ferulic acid.

Use & Benefits: 
Hydrolyzed corn starch is slightly different from regular cornstarch. It is mainly used for skin conditioning. It tends to swell when comes in contact with water. So, when it is used in a formulation, it can be used to increase the viscosity of a product. Since it has little moisture in it, it provides a good binding or compactness in dry preparations. When applied on skin, it also draws moisture from the surroundings and makes it available for skin, when applied on dry skin, it moisturizes the skin. It is used in formulation of skincare, haircare, eye, and facial makeup, hair dyes, and bath products.
Reveal your true self and achieve stunning results with a nourished and healthy skin.
Forget about hiding behind layers of makeup, achieve the clear, smooth skin you never thought possible!

Get the healthy, nourished and bright skin you’ve always dreamt of.