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BRÜUN 6 in 1 Cavitation Machine Body Sculpting Laser Lipo Ultrasound for Body Fat Removal for Beauty Salon & Spa Equipment SH-Massager Machine Bruun Beauty

Cavitation Machine 💕





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" Cavitation is a non-invasive, painless treatment, to help you lose weight and reduce inches after every session, by reducing fat cells in targeted parts of the body. "

take advantage from our unique product

40k Cavitation

Sextupole RF

for Body


for Face

Tripolar RF

For Eyes


8 Lipo Laser

How does it work?

Energy is emitted into the skin at top speed to break fat cells apart and produce numerous bubbles around them which then burst, breaking the fat deposits which are drained through the lymphatic systems. The fat deposits are changed into glycerol and free fatty acids. Glycerol is then reused by the body while free fatty acids travel to the liver and are excreted through metabolism. This process of fatty acid release is a natural response of the body when the body needs to use stored energy reserves, thus it will not create any unnatural reaction in the body

Machine Functionality

  • Smooth fine wrinkles, shrink pores.

  • Make the skin moist.

  •  Enhance lymphatic and blood circulation.

  • Get rid of facial redness.

  • Eliminate slow acne scars.

  •  Promote collagen and cell activation.

  • Improve skin activity and toughness.

  • Relax muscles, relieve muscle spasms, relieve muscle pain.

Sale Off
BRÜUN 6 in 1 Cavitation Machine Body Sculpting Laser Lipo Ultrasound for Body Fat Removal for Beauty Salon & Spa Equipment SH-Massager Machine Bruun Beauty
  • Increase the speed of metabolism, speed up the body to excrete waste and excessive water.

  • Reduce stretch marks.

  • To tighten muscles of the arms, legs, thighs, buttocks, lower back, abdominal muscles, re-shaping body contour.

  • Effectively improve the orange peel-like skin of the buttocks and thighs, while also helps in postpartum or after effect of liposuction in the abdomen area.

Package  includes

Package Include

Machine x1

Tripolar RF facial handle x1

4 Polar RF handle x1

6 Polar RF handle x1

40 Khz Cavitation handle x1

Vacuum Bipolar RF handle x1

Laser Lipolysis x8

Power Cord x1

Belts x2  &  Brackets x3




Wide Application & Great Gift 

Suitable for most parts of the body, such as face, arms, legs, thighs, buttocks, waist, back, abdominal. Suitable for home, SPA and beauty salon. Perfect gift for those who pursue beauty.

Safe & Efficient 

Provides a comfortable fat reduction experience. No side effects and don't take time to recovery, it won't effect your daily life and work.

Less Ultrasonic Noise

Equipped with new cavitation technology to deliver a treatment that’s up to 3 times quieter.

Easy To Operate 

This 6 in 1 Body sculpting machine adopts latest system. You can easily find all parameter information on the screen and adjust strength to meet your needs for different body parts. Better use with the gel or serum.

Faster body Slimming Results

BRUUN takes fullest advantage of energy to make the reduction of fat tissue more effective.


The quality is guaranteed, safe to use. We provide quality and money-back guarantee to ensure that you can buy with confidence.



Power Supply Input: 100V - 240V

Power: 190W

40 Khz Cavitation Handle

Frequency: 40KHz

Power: 25W

Output: 150V

Tripolar RF Facial Handle 

Frequency: 600KHz

Power: 35W

Output: 66V

4 Polar RF Handle

Freqeuncy: 1MHz

Power: 35W

Output: 66V

6 Polar RF Handle

Freqeuncy: 4MHz

Power: 40W

Output: 66V

Vacuum Bipolar RF Handle

Freqeuncy: 1MHz

Power: 95W

Output: 66V

Vacuum: <-80kPa

Pressure: >250kPa

Air flow: >10L/minute

Noise level: <70dB (30cm away)

Laser Lipolysis 

Light wavelength: 635nm ~ 650nm

Power of each Light: 5mw

Frequency: 1Hz - 1MHz

Energy Output: 64 x 5mW = 320mw 

(6 big pads *10 light/each + 2 small pads * 2 light/each)

Main Cavitation Machine

Mains Power Output: 100VA

Input Power: AC 110V/220V 50/60Hz

Display: Finger click Screen

Machine Dimensions: 38 x 32 x32 cm (14.9 x 12.5 x 32.5 in)

Machine Weight: 8 kg / 17.6lb

Package Size: 45 x 40 x 40 cm (17.7 x 15.7 x 15.7 in) 

Package Weight: 10 kg / 22lb


1 x Main Machine 

1 x 40KHz Cavitation Handle

1 x Vacuum Biploar Smart 3D RF Handle

1 x Three Pole Smart 3D RF Handle for Face and Eye Around

1 x Quadrupole Smart 3D RF Handle for Face and Body

1 x Multipolar Smart 3D RF Handle for Body

2 x Small Lipo Laser Paddles

6 x Big Lipo Laser Paddles

1 x Power Supply Cord 2 x Fuse

1 x Holder 6 x White Seal Ring

1 x Cotton Filter

2 x Belts