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Black Titanium Micro Needling Derma Roller 540 - Length of Needles 0.25mm

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Each Brüun Beauty product is formulated using the best and most luxurious and beneficial ingredients.

The purity and efficacy of our natural skin care products free of parabens help to nurture your skin health.

We are against any kind of cruelty towards animals. We don’t believe in testing our products on animals.

Product Description

  • EFFECTIVE: The Derma Roller helps in the boosting of product absorption. you can use a derma roller with your suitable products and serums.
  • EASY TO USE: The derma roller is easy to use and can be used for any skin type. You could use it at any time with the convenience and comfort of home.
  • MICRO NEEDLING: Our Micro-needling derma pen has 540 titanium needles. The maximum needle length is 0.25mm. Which is the best and safe length.
  • MADE IN KOREA: Made in South Korea: Our product is made in South Korea and 100 percent cruelty-free. No animal is harmed for its production also it is not tested on animals.

Derma Roller: Our derma roller is unique and elegant in design. A micro-needling derma pen is used to maximum absorption of the serum. You can use this derma roller with the serums to get youthful and effective results. Our micro-needling derma roller has 540 microneedles (the maximum length of needles is 0.2mm). Which is the best and safe size in use. How to Use: Simply clean the surface area where you use the derma roller. After this apply the serum on the surface and use the roller gently. Use the derma roller for 5-10 minutes and 2-3 sessions in a week. You can use this derma roller on any type of skin. Avoid Use: Avoid use under the eye area and lips. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Please do not use derma roller with others. Please keep away from children. Our products are free of cruelty. No animal is harmed for the manufacturing of our product. This product is not intended to replace qualified medical diagnosis or treatment, nor they intended to cure any disease. Our product is made in South Korea.

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